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A logo combines text and imagery so that people know the name of your company and they may also have a symbol which represents it. A memorable logo will stay in people's minds and evoke an emotional response when they see it e.g. McDonalds.

As logo designers we are unashamedly in favour of a good logo being the foundation of your branding strategy. Professionalism and consistency in marketing builds trust in your customers, but there are some important considerations when you are creating  a logo for your company.






The text in your logo must be easy to read. Imagine someone searching for it in a busy street with lots of other competing brands. 



Logos are required to be used in a wide variety of applications today, from business cards, stationery, signage, and uniforms to online websites and social media. If you have too many colours or too much detail your logo may not perform as well overall. For this reason, keeping it simple with colour is the most popular strategy amongst the big brands. There is a philosophy around colour also which attaches significance to certain colours; e.g. red is the colour of passion, love, action and energy; green represents nature, harmony, freshness and the environment. We can advise you on the best colours to use.


Icons and devices

The use of an icon associated with a logo is a good way to add a unique and memorable aspect to the design. It's also possible to modify one or more of the letters in the word to add interest.




It makes sense to use your logo liberally whenever your brand needs to be represented. However there must be consistency in the delivery of the image to ensure there is no confusion or lack of recognition in your clients minds. There are some exceptions to this rule e.g. some Logo Systems are created to have flexibility in parts of the design which adds a current flavour or message to the marketing. e.g Google search page logo variations.


If you're not certain what will work then it pays to employ a professional to do your design for you.


Some companies pay thousands for their logo and where there is a need for international copyright protection etc this amount may well be justified. What is most important is that you can express your earnest ideas and hopes for your business to any designer. A good designer will draw these emotions out and capture them in the concepts phase. Our strength is working with local businesses, face to face in a collaboration which helps ensure you get the logo you truly want and need. We don't charge thousands by the way.

Check out some of our previous work in the Logo Gallery and if you like what you see then chances are we can help.

We work on an hourly rate - here's an idea of the time it will likely take to develop your logo - Logo Pricing


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