Your brand is a vital part of your business success. When someone sees your brand, what do they think? Are they more attracted to it than other competititors brands? Does your advertising reflect the type of experience you want your clients to have with you?  These are the kinds of questions that will help you establish a solid brand with a winning strategy. Developing a brand strategy takes time and testing to refine it.

Five steps for a successful brand strategy:

1. The first step to establishing a brand is to develop a logo.

All your marketing and advertising, both on and offline should feature this logo.

2. The next step is to work out who your target market is and how, when and what you need to tell this market in order to make sales. It's wise to pick your target based on where in the market your products or services are positioned. Are you high cost, high quality? Or low cost high value? 

3. Develop a tag line. Having a tag line or company motto can be a good way to help your clients and staff identify with your brand.

4. Create or purchase images which reflect your brand and how you want it perceived. It's a good idea to have some key images which help people connect with your brand.


5. Your logo and tag line along with the images should be placed everywhere they are likely to be visible - uniforms, vehicles, buildings, products, work sites, emails, websites, advertising and marketing. If you can do this consistently, keeping to the style and colours you have established, then over time your brand will grow and become recognisable.

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