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Sports teams and other individual sports have uniforms for obvious reasons and although it's common business practice for business staff to have a uniform as a mandatory part of their employment, is this some outdated concept which only applies to police and military or are there some benefits?


Here are 7 good reasons why a uniform may improve your business:


As part of your brand strategy, having the company logo on staff clothing is a good way to enhance the connection a customer has with your brand by putting a human face on it. Customers can clearly recognise staff and feel more confident approaching them.


Increased sales

Your staff are your brand ambassadors by driving sales and offering great service. Their professionalism is enhanced by a suitable uniform which ultimately brings more business your way.


Hi visibility clothing is essential in many jobs - you may as well get some extra benefit by advertising your brand and building unity and team work amongst staff.


Better staff attitude

A good attitude  starts with appearance and well dressed staff will make more effort in their jobs. Staff also feel confident being appropriately and attractively dressed.

Job Perks

Company supplied clothing saves the employee time and money working out what to wear each day, which adds a perk to the job and increases staff satisfaction.


Team Work

Staff feel more united and part of a team when uniforms are worn. It may only be a monogrammed shirt or cap, but it helps with team work and cooperation.



The problems with inequality can be mitigated when all staff are similarly dressed. Where there is a diverse staff, some rich and others poor, a uniform levels out these difference helping build a sense of togetherness.

We offer a good range of options for men and women when it comes to clothing for your business.

Corporate wear - Shirts, trousers, jackets etc

Work wear - Hi Vis clothing, heavy duty shirts,  trousers, jackets etc

Casual wear - Tee shirts, Hoodies, shorts etc

Head wear - Caps, beanies hats etc

Depending on the application we offer a range of branding techniques:


Screen Printing

Direct to Garment Printing

Heat pressing

Check out our catalogues to find the clothing suitable for your business and talk to us about having your brand applied in the best way. We have many other sources for specialised clothing so if there's something particular you want, please enquire, we'd love to help.


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