Promotional Products


Products with your brand printed on them are a proven effective way to help build your client base. Most businesses, small or large will benefit from the right product given at the right moment. Studies have shown that up to 90% of people given a product will recall the name of the business up to 2 years later. 

Here are five good reasons why we believe promo products will work for you:


Effective, low cost marketing.

Items suitable as giveaways are priced to fit any budget and many are great to mail out or distribute cheaply to targeted audiences.

Brand recall

The goal of a printed premium giveaway is to jog the persons memory whenever they see your logo. They are also more likely to mention your brand favourably to others, which creates word-of-mouth advertising - the best advertising in the world.

Exposure to your brand

Most advertising on TV, magazines and in recent years via email and on the internet, is only fleeting. Perhaps for a few brief seconds the audience sees it. With a promotional product it remains in their possession for many months on average. Pens, mugs, bottles, umbrellas - there is an  endless list of useful products which consumers happily use on a daily basis. 

Exposure to your other advertising

Having your contact details on the printed gift is a more effective way than a business card to give out information. Also the website address on the product can help drive hits on your website and social media which improves Google rankings.

Customer Loyalty

It's well known that it's much cheaper to retain existing clients than finding new ones. A good printed gift keeps your existing clients coming back for more. 

We have an excellent range of items ready to print your brand on and distribute.

We're happy to advise you which products are best suited for your type of business and the budget you have.