Graphic Design


The heart of our business is design. It's what makes us tick, it's the thing we strive to be excellent at - and it's the one thing that we believe will give you success. Great design is not just looking good, it also must perform flawlessly, exceeding both your's and your client's expectations.


Logo Design

A business needs a brand. A brand is the interface between a business and it's audience. How you communicate your personality, your culture and your passion is what makes your brand identify with your customers.  The choice of images, shapes, colour and fonts combine to achieve this.

Our job as designers is to listen to your story and interpret it visually so your business connects with your customers in the most positive way. Read More


Marketing And Advertising

Most of the time spent on graphic design projects is in the area of marketing and advertising. Your marketing depends on successfully engaging your audience with visual content that helps them decide to purchase from you.  The type of projects we typically help businesses with include:


Magazine and Newspaper Adverts

Posters and banners


Trade displays

Social media banners and adverts





We have many years experience in publishing and printing. We can troubleshoot your project to ensure the best quality result is achieved.


We don't pretend to be the best at everything, and we know our limitations. In some cases we bring in help from our friends to ensure you get the design you need. We are very fortunate to have a few world class illustrators on call for specific jobs when required. We also subscribe to image libraries where you have access to virtually any photo or drawing you need to illustrate your advertising.


Your online business showcase is a vital part of your success. We understand the importance of getting your website designed to to the latest specifications  - mobile friendly and structured to ensure good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Key words, meta tags, titles, site maps, social media links   - these are important aspects of the design so let us take care of these details while you respond to the enquires.

You have full control of your site from day one and we are happy to act as technical assistants to keep it updated if required. Hosting costs are very reasonable and may be  free of charge for those on a budget. 

Here are links to a few recent sites we have designed and built:

Photography and Video

Our daily workload includes hours editing in Photoshop, iMovie and other image software.

We can produce product shots and promotional videos for your business and website.

Here's a recent client video we wrote, filmed, edited and and uploaded to YouTube:


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