Business Cards


In today’s world of internet, bluetooth and text messages is it still necessary to have a business card?   Absolutely and here’s 10 good reasons why:


  • First impressions count and a well designed and presented card will ensure your name stands out for the right reasons.

  • A card saves you the hassle of scribbling your name on a serviette.

  • When it comes to following up on your networking contacts a physical card is an easy way to keep records.

  • A prospect may not need your services immediately but if they have your card it will increase the chance of them getting in touch down the track.

  • Memory is fickle and most people struggle to remember names and faces. A card has all these details for easy recall.

  • Business cards work even when the internet is down or theres a dead WIFI spot.

  • Smart phones are quite good at recording information too, but while you are doing this you’re not smiling and making eye contact with your prospect - a key part of making a connection, and in some cases this looks rude and impersonal.

  • Business cards are inexpensive, compact and easy to give out.

  • Business cards show people you are professional, and that you care about making it easy for others to deal with you.

  • You can write more details on the back of a card - quotes, appointments, special offers etc.


What information do you need on a card?

This will vary from person to person but generally here are most important details you may need:

Your logo


Job title

Phone numbers

Email address


Physical address

Mailing address

Services or product



What about the back of the business card?

Opinions vary on this subject, but generally it’s good practice to allow space on the back to write.  

Some businesses are appointment based so somewhere to record the date / time is appropriate.

You could also add additional details which would clutter the front. e.g. list of brands and services supplied, location map, tagline etc


What about the design of the card?

It’s best to rely on professional design advice to get the best possible outcome for your investment in a card. We’re not boasting, but after designing hundreds of cards over the years, we know what works and what pit falls to avoid.

The 3 keys to a perfect card are:

  1. It contains your most vital contact information

  2. It is attractively laid out to entice prospects to know more about your brand

  3. It stands out but doesn’t look weird


We recommend having a high quality print job for the simple reason that your business is worth it and the prospect should sense the quality you offer from your card. Our years of experience means we offer great quality at the best prices. There are many options available including laminating, round corners, specialty boards, die cutting templates, hole punching, foiling, UV overgloss etc